A Tradies Guide for Google Ads in 2022

Would you like to learn how to build your tradie business in 2022 by using Online Marketing and Google Adwords?

Google Ads is a key tool for any business. It allows you to advertise your products or services to a targeted audience. This allows you to get in front of people who are likely to be interested in what you are offering. However, Google is constantly changing its advertising system so if you don’t keep up, you can find yourself left behind. This comprehensive guide to ‘Adwords for Tradies’ provides you with all the information you need to take action to get more leads, gain customers, and grow your tradie business today

Understanding How Google Ads Work for Tradies

Google Ads is the most effective way to reach your customers, whether you’re a tradie or a small business. It is the most important marketing tool for tradies. It’s a very effective way to reach out to potential customers and generate interest in your business. Google Ads can be used as an advertising platform for all types of businesses, including tradies.

Moreover, It gives you the flexibility to create and manage ads from one place, including on your website, mobile apps, or in other places like email campaigns and remarketing.

How Do Google Ads Work for Tradies?

Google Ads is a great way to target potential customers in your area. Google Ads allows you to create and manage multiple campaigns, each with its own set of targeting preferences.

So, if you want to reach tradies in your area, then you can create a campaign that targets people who are actively looking for tradespeople or plumbers. Then, when they search for tradespeople or plumbers, they’ll see the ads on Google.

You can also create separate ads for different types of tradespeople. For example, if you’re an electrician, then you might want to run an ad for electrical contractors as well as tradies.

This will help you reach more customers because there are so many people looking for tradespeople that it is difficult for any one business to stand out from the crowd.

Tradies Tips for Google Ads 

Geotargeting & Location-based Services

Google Ads allows you to target your ads by many different criteria, including location, gender, age, and more. You can even target people based on their search history.

For example, if you wanted to reach new customers in a specific geographic area, you could create a campaign that targets customers who searched for “truck repair” or “car mechanic” near their current location.

The great thing about geo-targeting is that it can help you reach people who are interested in your business but have not yet visited your website. By targeting these people with ads on Google’s network, you can increase the number of leads and sales they generate for your business.

Track Phone Call Leads

Google AdWords allows you to create custom phone calls that appear in your ads and on your landing pages. When someone clicks on an ad or lander and lands on your website, they are then prompted to call you. This is the perfect opportunity for you to convert them into potential customers!

Build High Converting Dedicated Landing Pages

If you already have a website, you could use Google AdWords as a way to increase traffic and convert more visitors into customers. However, if you don’t have one yet or don’t want to waste money on creating one, consider using Google AdWords as your lead generation tool instead!

Focus on Highly Relevant Keywords

To get the most out of your ad campaign, you need to know what your potential customers are searching for. You can do this by using Google’s keyword tool. The tool allows you to enter a keyword or phrase and see how many searches come up in a day or week. This is a good way of seeing which keywords are getting the most interest

Look at the Competition

There are plenty of competitors in the industry, so you mustn’t try to compete with them directly by using similar products or services. Instead, think about what makes you different and appeal to clients that would never consider buying from anyone else – this could be something as simple as having a better rating system than your competitors. Test your ad copies

Managing Google Ads on your own can be challenging

Typical challenges for Tradies are running Google Adwords campaigns on their own, beating the competition, and actively growing their business. 

In addition to learning the platform daily, you must perform A/B tests and continuously optimize, you must set limits on bids and research the markets – all of which take a lot of time away from your core activities.

In the same way that you would not expect a person without electrical expertise to wire a house, you would benefit from working with an accredited Google Adwords specialist. You will save time, get better results, and you will reduce the risk of becoming confused.

There are a lot of tradesmen who attempt to do it alone and end up seeing their advertising costs spiral out of control, wasted clicks, lower results, and a negative impact on their business.

Our Verdict

Google Ads are also great for generating leads that you can use for more lucrative sales in the future, as it is an investment in your business. It’s a way to drive customers and generate leads that you can build into your business. Don’t get left behind by staying up-to-date with trends. Use the information shared above to plan accordingly for your marketing strategy and ensure that you don’t wish you had implemented something better sooner.


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